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Admitted groups – Second Round Process

On June 29, 2024, the Jury convened to deliberate and select the groups to be admitted to the Second Round Process, which will be held live in Trieste on September 7-8, 2024. Following this decision, here is the list of groups that have successfully passed the selection.
*Additionally, it is announced that upon completion of the Second Round, the Amelio Trio will automatically proceed to the Semi-final Round of the Competition, as stated in the regulations.
President of the Jury – Bruno Giuranna                                                                                          
Artistic Director Fedra Florit

Category A

11. Duo Tanichev – Bulayev (Latvia)

Category C

16. Duo Maliboshka – Righi (Belarus – Italy)
20. Duo Ruggiero – Dalpiaz (Italy)
21. Duo Tirro – Tamburini (Italy)

Category D

30. Susato Trio (Ukraine – Belgium – United States)
31. Trio Casella (Ireland – Italy – England)
33. Trio Delyria (Israel)
35. Trio Goldmund (China – Russia – Germany)
37. Trio Mikrokosmos (Hungary)
38. Trio Nebelmeer (France)
39. Trio Parhélie (France)
40. Trio Parrhèsia (France)
41. Trio Rinaldo (Italy)
45. Trio Zeliha (Cuba – France)

Category E

47. Euphorie Quartet (Germany – Japan – Poland)

**24** Amelio Trio (Germany) > Directly to the Semi-final Round