After almost nine and a half hours spent listening intently to the Brahms Sonatas of the 37 DVD’s coming from 20 countries all over the world, the JURY of the 16th International Competition “Premio Trio di Trieste” has unanimously decided to pass to the second round selection (Trieste, 5th – 7th of September) 12 Duos, which have made the cut to continue the Competition: 7 piano and violin Duos, 1 piano and viola Duo, 4 piano and cello Duos. 

Our congratulations to:


Cat.A  pianoforte e violino

Duo Apalko-Kravtsov  Russia
Duo Armellini-Zosi  Italia  
Duo Banciu-Goicea   Romania
Duo John-Paul M & Amalia Hall   Nuova Zelanda
Duo Köster-Lederer  Germania
Duo Moroz-Shishkov   Bielorussia
Herbert Duo (Wetzner-Kreft)   Polonia

Cat.B  pianoforte e viola

Kuklin-Nazarian Duo    Russia-Armenia

Cat.C  pianoforte e violoncello

Duo Dorokhova-Faskhitdinova  Russia
Duo Lavrynenko-Guliei   Ucraina
Duo Sidorova-Verstyuk    Russia
Ensemble Color (Hiller-Streich)  Germania

Thanks to all the Competitors, the level was really high!!!

Artistic Director
prof.ssa Fedra Florit