The 16th International Competition for Chamber Music Ensembles “Premio Trio di Trieste” will take place in Trieste in May and in September 2015.
It is reserved only to piano and strings ensembles.
In 2015 it shall be reserved only to PIANO DUO.

The first round selections will be held throughout DVD on May 24th 2015 and the second and final rounds live in Trieste, from 5th to 7th September 2015.


Piano and violin Duo (cat. A)
Piano and viola Duo (cat. B)
Piano and cello Duo (cat. C)


The members of the ensembles must be of an age which, on average, does not exceed 32 years old on December 31st 2015.
The applying ensembles must fill in the form (in block letters) to be downloaded as PDF in the Download Area and include the following material:
a) birth certificates or an identity document of the individual members;
b) an ensemble photograph (to be published on the Competition program) and a brief curriculum of the ensemble; please send the photo as JPG o TIFF 300 DPI to our email address
c) an mp4 DVD with a complete work by J. Brahms, recorded by a fix camera
d) the receipt of the payment of Euro 120,00 per ensemble by Bank transfer to

Associazione Chamber Music, via S. Nicolò 7 – 34121 Trieste – Italy c/o
ZKB – Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Carso – Via S. Spiridione 7 – Trieste
IBANIT 05 Q 08928 02204 010000030380 BIC/SWIFT CCRTIT2TV00

Applications are accepted only if all of the above items are included and should reach the following address not later than April 23th, 2015 (the postmark shall prove the actual dispatching date):

Associazione Chamber Music – via S. Nicolò 7 – 34121 TRIESTE – Italy.

The FIRST ROUND RESULTS will be published on the ACM web site and on our Facebook page no later than May 30th and the groups admitted to the second round will be immediately contacted by the ACM Secretariat.

Applicants admitted to the SECOND ROUND are convened on September 4th at 5 p.m. (applicants may however register starting from 3 p.m.) at the ACM Office, via S. Nicolò 7 (IV floor).

Applicants should carry their identification documents. In case of failure to turn up on convening – unless previously justified by documented reasons – the ensemble shall be excluded from the Competition.

All ensembles shall submit to the secretariat 2 copies of the scores that will be performed for each round (only photocopies of the scores will be accepted!).

The second and the final rounds will be held in the “Auditorium” at RAI studios in Trieste (via Fabio Severo 7) and the three finalists’ concert will take place in the “Sala del Ridotto – Victor de Sabata” inside “G. Verdi” Theater in Trieste.

An acoustic system for chamber music will be assembled in the concert hall, by Suono Vivo from Padua, to have a perfect acoustic, and a good “gran coda” Fazioli will be offered to the applicants for the final concert.


The Competition shall consist of the following four public sessions:
a) FIRST preliminary round, throughout DVD, sent together with the application form.
b) SECOND preliminary round, in Trieste on September 5th– 6th. Approximate duration: 45 minutes.
c) FINAL round, maximum duration: 60 minutes, on September 7th (in the morning) + FINAL concert, performing a Brahms Sonata, on September 7th at 8.30 p.m.

 The pieces performed by applicants shall follow a criterion of chamber-music balancing between the various instruments,with the consequent exclusion of the pages or transcriptions (unless made by the author himself)in which the piano is a mere accompaniment.

In this respect, the Artistic Direction of the Competition reserves the right to accept or reject the programs proposed and to give applicants timely notice of it.

Any change in the program must be communicated to the secretariat and submitted to the artistic direction of the Contest for approval.

The Jury reserves the right to interrupt the round at any time.

The maximum duration indicated for the preliminary rounds does not preclude the possibility of presenting pieces of longer duration (in which case it will be up to the Jury to decide on the choices of the movements to play).


3 ensembles will have access to final round.

FIRST preliminary round

All categories shall present a complete Sonata by J. Brahms on DVD (to send with the application form not later than April 15th, 2015)

SECOND preliminary round  (approximate duration: 45 minutes)
All categories shall perform three pieces as follows:
1 – the compulsory piece composed by Walter Mobilio (approximately 5 minutes long), to be requested to the Secretariat of the Competition starting from February 2015.
2 – a Sonata by L. van Beethoven for A and C categories and op. 113 by R. Schumann for B category.
3 – a Sonata by S. Prokof’ev for A and C categories, and the Viola Sonata by D. Shostakovich for B category.

FINAL round in the morning  (maximum duration: 60 minutes)
All categories shall submit a freely selected concert program.

FINAL round during the CONCERT(8.30 p.m. at “Sala del Ridotto – Victor de Sabata” inside “G. Verdi” Theater in Trieste, broadcasting on Rai5) for awarding the prizes:

All categories shall perform a Sonata by J. Brahms, different from the one presented on DVD for the first preliminary round.

The repetition of pieces played in previous rounds isn’t accepted.

Every score must be presented in full. It will be up to the Jury to stop performances if  they are longer than maximum duration established by the regulation.


1st Prize “Premio Trio di Trieste”: Euro 9.000,00 and a list of 15 concerts in Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Spain fixed by the Artistic Secretariat of “Premio Trio di Trieste”. A discographical production with Limen music & arts – Milan: CD + DVD box set with the audio and video tracks recorded during the performance in the Limen’s studio.
2nd Prize: Euro 4.000,00
3rd Prize: Euro 3.000,00 offered by the Rotary ClubTrieste Nord.


The Jury will consist of seven voting members:
Silvia Chiesa (Italy)
Chia Chou (Canada / Austria)
Pavel Gililov (Russia)
Alberto Martini (Italy) President of the Jury
Ulf Schneider (Germany)
Alessandro Solbiati (Italy)  Member chosen by the Conservatory “G. Tartini” of Trieste
Ula Ulijona (Lithuania)

Members of the Jury could be replaced in case of necessity.

When taking office, each member of the Jury shall declare possible teaching or family relations with any of the ensembles participating to the competition. In the case of family relations or private teaching relations happened during the two years before the beginning date of the competition, the member of the Jury shall be dismissed, whereas in the case of public teaching relations at the time of or two years before the beginning date of the competition, the member of the Jury shall abstain from voting (O.J. on December 5th, 1994, No.10, art. 15/2 c). 
The voting procedures will be communicated to applicants before the start of the Competition. The results will be notified at the end of each round. Each round will be pubblic. 
The Jury reserves the right not to award one or more prizes, should the requirements deemed necessary fail to be satisfied.
The decisions of the Jury are irrevocable.

The board of the Competition reserves the right to carry out or to authorize the carrying out of video or audio recording throughout the Competition, regardless of performers’ permission and claim for fees.
From the second round the Associazione Chamber Music will refund the accommodation expenses in Trieste, up to the end of the presence in the Competition.
The finalists shall receive a 50% refund of their travel expenses, up to a maximum of Euro 600,00 per ensemble, subject to prior application and presentation of the travel documents.
Registration at the Competition shall imply full acceptance of all the rules of the present regulations.
Only the Italian text shall apply, should any decision be challenged. Any case of dispute shall lie within the jurisdiction of the Court of Trieste.